DJI Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is one of Phantom 3 drone family beside DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Phantom 3 Pro is an easy to fly drone with 4K resolution camera, assisted you to make a steady hovering by GPS and GLONASS, sensor build up for positioning system, automatically recording logs the flight, combine with intelligent battery, powering by precision brushless motor for a fast and responsive flight, and intelligent sensor for easy to fly system.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional – The Aircraft

DJI Phatom 3 Professional - easy to flyIts an easy drone to fly with.
Phantom 3 was design for the easiness of fly, from take off – hovering – maneuvering – to landing. DJI Phantom 3 is very user friendly controlled, the controlled is very responding your commands while the automatic integrated system handling the safety and stability. Fly your DJI Phantom 3 pro over 3.1 miles / 5 KM.


DJI phantom 3 Professional drone - GPS hover

Fly and Hovering by GPS and GLONASS Assisted.
Your DJI phantom drone is tracking by combination of GPS and GLONASS, its important to make your drone aware about the location and relation your position. The combination of GPS and GLONASS will make the Phantom DJI 3 completely move with accuracy and hover more precisely by locks to the position satellite receiver faster.

With the DJI GO app, its easy for you to track your drone location on a live map, track your take off position, and bring back your dji Phantom 3 professional quadcopter just by tap of your finger.

DJI 3 vision Positioning System3Ultrasonic Sensor for Vision Positioning.
Do not worry to fly indoors, fly low, and fly in GPS free areas. With vision positioning your DJI Phantom 3 professional can scan beneath your drone for pattern, ability to recognize its surrounding and position and move more accurately. Each sensor of vision positioning sensor will do a completes complex calculations in actual time, it will make you a worry free-flight experience.

Phantom 3 drone - motor propUnmatched Motor Propulsion.
Every single motor design be unmatched to give you the best flight performance experience, each brushless ESCs lightning fast motor will make your phantom 3 fast, very responsive to you and agile.
Those powerful rotor will make your drone the ability to speed up increased and decreased altitude quickly, and or stop immediately. The mechanism of powerful air breaking will stop your Phantom 3 DJI instantly and hovering in place at the moment you release the control stick.
The propeller’s aerodynamic self tightening will make boost thrust or stay firmly in its position whether you are the beginner pilot.

Auto Take Off.
DJI 3 Auto take-off Just within one tap of in DJI pilot app, the drone will turn on its rotor and automatically take off to altitude you have set, and Phantom 3 pro will hovering in placed and stay there until you move it where to go.

Auto Return Home.
DJI 3 Auto Return HomeWhen you fly outdoor and GPS is available, Phantom 3 quadcopter can remember its take off location, so when you worry or lost sight of your drone, just tap a button on your remote, and it will return back to you. Just that simple.

Fail Save to return home.
dji3 FailsafeDJI Phantom 3 Professional use intelligent battery pack, when the battery is about to run out, or when your Phantom 3 lost connection with your remote control for some reasons, the drone will make decision to return to the take off location and automatically land safety by itself. That’s a smart decision.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional – The Camera

phantom 3 pro - the cameraA quadcopter drone with 4K video camera and 12 MegaPixels photos, take a professional and beautiful photos and videos. Years ago this quality of aerial photography only can taken by a high budget companies, but now this epic shots and recording capability is in your hand and the limit is your imagination.

Professional Camera Lens.
DJI Phantom Professional’s camera has the f/2.8 lens which has 94 degree field of view, this will virtually remove the distortion that might occur.

dji phantom 3 pro - stable camera footageStable Camera Footage.
A stable footage will secure and stabilize the camera, and the 3-axis gimbals will automatically keeps camera just perfectly level during any flight conditions. Those combination will give you a wonderful, perfect, stable video and photos result in every single time your drone fly.




DJI Phantom 3 Professional – The Remote Controller

phantom 3 dji - remote controllerAn ergonomic remote, this is crucial for long term use to prevent injured or pain your hands and fingers.
Sensitive controller sticks, will make your drone more maneuverability and interact with you.
Dedicated buttons, this will give you a new way how to fly your Phantom 3 Pro.
And over 3.1 miles or 5 km flight range, please avoid sensitive airspace like airport or military base or fly above choosey neighbors residence.

Easy and Intuitive Controls
With Phantom 3 Professional Remote Controller, you can easily controlling your drone and your camera at the same time, you’ll feel the simplicity and natural of controlling them.
The Phantom 3 pro remote was build specifically for aerial photography, design for the easiness of taking videos and aerial photos, simple control to tilt your camera during your drone flight, make a pro but natural results.
And when you done, just press a button and your drone will back to you and landing automatically and safely.

Integrated with DJI Lightbridge
DJI Ligthbridge is build into your DJI Phantom 3 drone and your remote controller, both of them work together to get continues link between your phantom 3 and you, and the result is and incredibly live HD video streaming from your drone camera within 3.1 miles / 5 km range distance.
Just simply connect your tablet or smartphone, and you ready to watch live 720p HD view, this technology used by professional photographer and cinematography, and now this capability is in your hand, once again, the limit is your imaginations.

See your world from above with HD without leaving the gound.

phantom 3 dji - customized buttonsCustomized Command on Remote Controller.
This feature will let you set additional command for your drone through installed App (DJI GO app), and ou can change your flight mode too.
In addition you can set two buttons on the back of your remote controller become your new favorite functions.





DJI Phantom 3 Professional – The DJI GO app

Recording, shoot, and capture beautiful content with DJI GO app for your DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

phantom-3-pro-live HD ViewLive HD View from your drone
Now you can watch live HD streaming video from your drone camera directly in your tablet or smarphone screen, with this app you may adjust your drone camera setting and take the perfect shoot for your perfect videos and photos.


phantom-3-pro full camera controlTake Full Control of your camera while flying.
With DJI GO app, you can take a complete control of your camera while its flying, live in HD. this will allow you to adjust camera setting in real time, help you take your best view for your best shoot and best results.


Limited Time Offer to Save US$ 130.00
Order DJI Phantom 3 Professional Immediately before Price Back To Normal


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